About the Protected Carbon Project

Hidden under the world’s protected areas are many fossil fuel deposits. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we destroyed those places in the last years of the Fossil Fuel Age to eke out some final coal, oil and gas? And yet, there are over 2300 oil, gas, and coal extraction projects located in legally recognised protected areas, damaging our climate while destroying local biodiversity along with historical and cultural treasures.

LINGO’s Protected Carbon Project has calculated over 250 billion tons of potential CO2 emissions from fossil fuels under protected areas, of which over 50 billion tons are under active development or extraction. Our researchers track which companies are responsible, how much unburnable carbon is in protected areas in each country, and how governments, civil society and journalists can help keep it unburned.

This project was presented at the UNFCCC COP28 conference, recently released a report in concert with the IUCN, and featured across international news media. This site is where you can learn more and join the movement to preserve our fragile protected areas.

The Team

Rocío Rodríguez Almaraz Project Coordinator

Rocío works to develop and grow relationships with partners to end fossil fuel extraction within the world’s protected areas. She is a campaign strategist, project manager/producer, and human rights advocate based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has produced two feature documentaries related to climate change.

Alice McGown Policy and Data Specialist

Alice heads up our geospatial, data, and analysis work. She holds a graduate degree in international environmental policy, GIS certification, and diverse credentials ranging from commercial drone pilot to public school teacher in her home state of California, USA.

Galen Brown Tech Specialist

Galen develops online tools for the public to access and understand our data. With a graduate degree in sustainable development and a postgraduate degree in computer science, Galen is an award-winning programmer with a passion for creating software that informs and empowers the environmental movement.

Alhussein Elrayah Biodiversity Specialist

Based in the UK, Alhussein undertook a BSc in Politics (2017-2022) followed by an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (2022-23), where he was involved in researching a variety of biodiversity topics. He has also been working with the Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO) since 2020, advocating for a full transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.


The Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO)

Protected Carbon is a project of LINGO.

LINGO is a nonprofit organisation registered in Germany, with contributors located worldwide. We are dedicated to fighting climate change at the source – the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. We provide data, analysis, and framing through various projects to accelerate the fossil endgame and the  transformation to a world with 100% renewable energy. More info at https://www.leave-it-in-the-ground.org/


Oil Change International

OCI is a data partner, providing the project with detailed oil and gas extraction information.

Oil Change International is a research, communications, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the ongoing transition to clean energy. More information at https://priceofoil.org/

FracTracker Alliance

FracTracker is a mapping and hosting partner.

FracTracker Alliance maps, analyzes, and communicates the risks of oil, gas, and petrochemical development to advance just energy alternatives that protect public health, natural resources, and the climate. More info at https://www.fractracker.org/

Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation

The Swedish Postcode Foundation provides financial support.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery believes that a strong civil society is essential for creating a better world. The Postcode Foundation’s goal is to carry out that mission through projects that challenge, inspire and promote change. More information at https://postkodstiftelsen.se/