As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, we’re thrilled to share a quick recap of our impactful endeavours in 2023 and unveil our ambitious plans for the year ahead.

COP28 and Earth Insight Report

Our team, adorned as giant sea cows, captured attention at COP28, standing up for the rights of these marine wonders in the face of an impending mega gas expansion project by ADNOC in the UNESCO Marawah Marine Biosphere. Collaborating with the IUCN, we presented the “Losing Ground” report, shedding light on the encroachment of fossil fuel extraction in protected areas. Leaving the conference, we carry the momentum to hold those jeopardising precious ecosystems worldwide accountable.

Conclusions from COP28

COP28 shows that the momentum is growing stronger. Nature has been explicitly recognised as vital in countries’ NDCs. Over 100 nations spanning Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Europe called for phasing down fossil fuels. Encouragingly, Colombia and Peru have joined the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Armed with these victories, we march forward, unwavering in our commitment.

New Funds!

We’re honoured to announce that from 2024, we will receive support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the Fossil Fuel Atlas. With these resources, we’re gearing up for the next phase of our mission.

Upcoming for 2024

Our focus for 2024 is to turn data into action: more maps, outreach, and collaboration. From warning allies of impending extractions to working with national partners in Mexico, Colombia, and Zambia to advocate for non-extraction pledges, our goal is to spark initiatives that protect our precious areas.
And, of course, our commitment to the rights of dugongs remains unwavering. No more sharing their habitat with polluting fossil infrastructure!

Webinar on Fossil Fuel Deposits

Did you catch our recent webinar? Until now, our focus has been on tracking current and planned projects in protected areas. However, market dynamics and emerging technologies have transformed the fossil fuel landscape. That’s why we’ve created a new map, showcasing reserves that can be extracted today, those still untouched by corporations, and resources that might be exploitable in the future.
Check out the webinar here and join us in transforming data into impactful action!

Here’s to a year of relentless advocacy, transformative collaborations, and significant victories for our planet!