Last month, our team released our data updates for 2023, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive picture of fossil fuel extraction in protected areas than ever.

As of November, we are now tracking 50.8 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions from 2337 fossil fuel projects in protected areas worldwide.

  • 974 Projects already in protected areas (before 2024)
  • 260 Projects starting in the next decade (2024-2033)
  • 1103 Projects starting in more than a decade (2034 or later)

New feature: Geological deposits

Until now, our focus has been on tracking ‘profitable reserves, entirely based on what the industry expects to extract from specific projects.

The problem is – what constitutes “profitable” is an ever-shifting target. Market dynamics, price fluctuations, and emerging technologies are transforming the fossil fuel landscape. We’ve witnessed “idled” projects roaring back to life and entirely new concessions becoming economically viable.

That is why we decided to create a new map of geological deposits beneath protected areas. We are now able to share numbers on reserves that can be extracted today but which corporations haven’t reached yet, as well as resources that are out of reach today but might be exploitable in the future.

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