The Leave it in the Ground Initiative‘s Protected Carbon team, and ProtectedSeas are proud to announce a new partnership.

This agreement will see Protected Carbon’s data tracking oil and gas extraction projects supplement ProtectedSea’s map of marine protected areas. Our collaborative partnership is intended to cross-promote the work of our respective organisations in order to further enhance the comprehensive marine protected areas (MPAs) boundary and regulatory information within the Navigator database, specifically as it relates to better understanding the prevalence of oil and gas – both for existing sites, as well as potentially permitted areas.

LINGO (Leave it in the Ground Initiative) is focused on game-changing initiatives to speed up the fossil endgame and the global energy transition and support frontline activists in stopping fossil fuel projects. LINGO’s Protected Carbon project aims to expose oil, gas, and coal extraction projects within the world’s protected areas and support local communities to resist these dangerous projects. LINGO was established in 2011 and is a registered non-profit in Germany.

ProtectedSeas is an impact-making LLC organization headquartered in Palo Alto, California. ProtectedSeas has been compiling ocean conservation regulations and protection measures into one program known as Navigator. This programmatic tool can aid ocean stakeholders and decision-makers in understanding the complex framework of ocean regulations on both a national and international scale. We are committed to building awareness of, and engagement with, this tool. This effort is unprecedented in its scope and is the only place where this comprehensive data currently exists.